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University of Manchester, UK

The work for EURO-URHIS 2 at the University of Manchester was conducted by the Manchester Urban Collaboration on Health (MUCH).

About MUCH

The Manchester Urban Collaboration on Health (MUCH) is part of the Institute of Population Health within the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre at the University of Manchester. Our mission is to perform world-class research applicable to populations locally, nationally and globally. We have a number of international and local projects.

MUCH’s director, Dr Arpana Verma, is also the president of the European Public Health Association, Urban Health section.

MUCH has links with many world leading organisations including:

  • World Health Organisation
  • Health Cities
  • European Public Health Association
  • The International Society for Urban Health
  • The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region
  • The Northern Universities' Public Health Alliance

As well as these links, through the many research projects delivered by MUCH, we now work with a global consortium of researchers that we work with:

Other MUCH projects include:

DG SANCO, Urban Health Centers Europe (

  • Urban Health Centre 2.0: Integrated health and social care pathways, early detection of frailty, management of polypharmacy and prevention of falls for active and healthy ageing in European cities

Manchester Academic Health Science Centre

  • Well North
  • Global Health

Health Protection Agency, Manchester City Council and the Association of Greater Manchester PCTs

  • An 8 year programme of Blood Bourne Virus prevention research including a PhD and implementation into a Greater Manchester prevention strategy which was ratified by all 10 PCTs
  • Evaluation projects for public health intervention and teaching
  • Development of summary public health measures to inform policy

NHS Bury and NHS Screening Programmes

  • Data linkage to improve uptake of the Human Papilloma Vaccine and cervical screening
  • Analysis and interpretation of local health surveys

NHS Manchester and University Hospital South Manchester

  • Research into infection control and increasing vaccination uptake
  • Respiratory research programme

Department of Health/Cancer Research UK and Macmillan (via Christie NHS Trust)

  • A community and workplace initiative to increase awareness of the early signs and symptoms of breast, bowel, lung and other common cancers
  • Promote the importance of early detection and healthy lifestyles in reducing risk
  • Promote continued participation in the NHS cancer screening programmes

Directorate General of Health and Consumer Affairs

  • Evaluation of the impacts of EU funded research projects

Salford Royal Foundation Trust

  • Evaluation of the Salford Stroke Study

Georgia State University

  • Development of an Urban Health Index
  • Expansion of EURO-URHIS 2 into China

Global Health

  • Global Public Health Education and Development project
  • Health Impact Assessment
  • Global and European Health networks and partnerships including WHO Euro, WHO Centre for Health Development, UN Habitat and European Public Health Association

Meet the team

Key personnel involved in EURO-URHIS 2 at MUCH were:

Dr Arpana Verma

Dr Arpana Verma is principle investigator (PI) of the European Urban Health Indicator System project (EURO-URHIS 2) funded by DG Research under the FP7 programme (

Lesley Patterson

Annie Harrison

Will Morton

Angela Spencer

Gary Clough

Greg Williams

Mahesh Patel

Dr James Higgerson

Dr Melvina Woode-Owusu

Dr Stephanie Steels

Graham Bedingham

Dr Katy Harrison

Dr Frank de Vocht

Professor Raymond Agius

Professor Sarah O'Brien